Backpacking Michigan’s Porcupine Mountains


Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the only US location rated in Lonely Planet’s 2017 Best Value Destinations. Known for its sea of tree’s, rustic atmosphere and small town charm, enticing tourists to come back year after year. One of my favorite areas is the Porcupine Mountains, known as the “Porkies” to locals, located in both Ontonagon and Gogebic counties.

*** TIP: Take advantage of the backcountry cabins option. They fill up quickly so make sure to book well in advance, read more information below!

The Porcupine Mountains State Park is the largest state park in Michigan, encompassing 60,000 acres of mountains. Tree tops, water falls, hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking, swimming, wildlife and more; there’s a laundry list of outdoor activities to explore including a very prominent part of the famous North Country Trail; the entirety of the trail is shown in the image below.

Aside from the numerous backcountry campsites available within the park you also have the glorious option of renting two, four, or eight person back country cabins or yurts. No running water or electricity, but a dry bunk away from the unpredictable weather we experience in Northern Michigan.

The rustic cabins and yurts come standard with a woodstove, bunk beds, table, chairs, outhouse, cookware and tableware, an ax and saw. Cabins on lakes or ponds include a canoe or boat as well as life jackets and oars. Below I have marked the path I took and cabins I stayed in on this excursion as well as highlighted key items to carry with you when planning a long weekend in the porkies.

**remember everything that is carried in with you must be carried out. Please help preserve our wildlife and don’t leave your trash.

More Information and Reservations

Now grab your pack! The mountains are calling.