Fall in Schoolcraft County of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

*All photos are my original edits.

Fall in Michigan's Schoolcraft County

Fall on the waters of the Northern Midwest is a magical time of year. A time of transformation from lush, green, warmth to  crisp, colorful foliage. A constant sweet scent of earthy, decaying leaves encircles the air on a constant level; the most beautiful form of death making way for new life after a long winters nap. With over 200 inland lakes, a plethora of hiking trails, protected national forest, and Lake Michigan shoreline my homeland of Schoolcraft County in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula offers a more unique Autumn experience than your typical tourist destination. Life slows down just a little once the Summer tourist go home and the leaves start to fall, but Mother Nature is just getting started.

Click through my photo journal below to experience the essence of Fall in Michigan’s underrated Schoolcraft County.

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Fall in Michigan's Schoolcraft County