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Giving Thanks to Presence

Hours after the chaos that is my family's Thanksgiving celebration in my tiny hometown, I crawl into my childhood bed accompanied by my feline friend Max. With a deep breath I take a second to...

Vegan Cheesy Potato & Roasted Vegetable Soup

I've been back home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for the last couple of months and feel so blessed to have full range of a REAL kitchen. Experimenting with plant based recipes is one of...

Fall in Schoolcraft County of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Fall on the waters of the Northern Midwest is a magical time of year. A time of transformation from lush, green, warmth to  crisp, colorful foliage. A constant sweet scent of earthy, decaying leaves...

Experience the Magic of New Zealand’s Kiakoura Coast

From sunrise to sunset New Zealand's Kiakoura coast is nothing short of spectacular. Kiakoura was named by the native Maori for it's plentiful crayfish population and is known for having a vibrant ocean life....

13 Simple Ways to Conserve Water Today

Sipping my morning long black I flip through BBC to catch up on some world news for the first time in months, when a certain article catches my eye - "Cape Town Water Crisis,...

Canterbury’s Hidden Gem – Lake Tennyson

Ahhh New Zealand, in all it’s natural splendor. Mountains and lakes and unbelievable scenery at every turn are what make this gorgeous country such a destination on everyone’s bucket list, but being on everyone’s...

24 Rustic Retreats in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

What do you know about Michigan’s Upper Peninsula? Commonly referred to as the “UP", did you know that in 16,377 square miles (42,610 sq km) there is only 312,000 people? That’s just 16 people...
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A “Half American” Thanksgiving

It’s December; holiday celebration back in the United States of America has come into full swing. Red and green mixed with twinkling lights mask all avenues of major cities, shopping centers, and suburban homes....

Backpacking Michigan’s Porcupine Mountains

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the only US location rated in Lonely Planet's 2017 Best Value Destinations. Known for its sea of tree’s, rustic atmosphere and small town charm, enticing tourists to come back year after...